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HR Compliance Score Card

Take a quick audit to see just how compliant your HR processes really are. “It’s Free”

HR Score Card - 15 Questions

Are job descriptions sufficiently tailored to include essential job duties, FLSA status, physical conditions, and work environment?

Do you administer the pre-hire process properly?

Are employee files set up properly and reviewed at least annually for compliance?

Is there a signed, dated acknowledgement of receipt for the No Harassment policy for each manager?

Does the company have a clear reporting procedure for violations of policies?

Does the company maintain and know when to use, “litigation hold” instructions?

Are all nonexempt employees paid the proper overtime premium (including taking into account commissions, bonuses, incentives and other kinds of pay)?

Has the company evaluated the status of executives and other employees treated as exempt?

Does the company follow basic FMLA procedures?

Does the company provide notices under HIPAA and COBRA at the inception and termination of health plan Coverage?

Does the company comply with OSHA recordkeeping requirements (including the OSHA Forms 300, 300A, and 301) if applicable?

Does the company have a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for each job?

Is the company’s handbook up-to-date and an accurate reflection of actual company practices?

Is the company a certified Drug Free Workplace?

Are the I-9 form and E-verify process for a new hire completed within the required time limit?

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